Using the uadmin command to shutdown a solaris™ system



      uadmin- administrative control


      /usr/sbin/uadmin cmd fcn [mdep]

      /sbin/uadmin cmd fcn [mdep]


The uadmin command provides control for basic administrative functions. This command is tightly coupled to the system administration procedures and is not intended for general use.

Both the cmd (command) and fcn (function) arguments are converted to integers and passed to the uadmin system call. The optional mdep (machine dependent) argument is only available for the cmd values of 1 (A_REBOOT) or

2 (A_SHUTDOWN), to pass a single string of boot arguments to the uadmin system call. For any other cmd value, no mdep command-line argument is allowed.

When passing an mdep value that contains whitespaces, the string must be grouped together as a single argument enclosed within quotes

(for example, uadmin 1 1 "-s kernel/unix").